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KnowIT Ready to Use Technology Features:

We Code So You Don't Have To!

Have you ever priced what it will take for your enterprise to properly implement all your Information Management Systems, including both the post-purchase customization and the integration between all systems? We have! It's enormous! (Ask us for our Cost Analysis to see for yourself!) This is why we've gone to the trouble to build it all for you, so that you don't have to. You simply connect and leverage!

To meet your IT Operational needs and to help you avoid building such solutions, yourself, TraverseIT has already coded all of the following Technical Features into the KnowIT Platform, so that you don't have to! All these features are standard and ready to use as soon as you connect with your browser:

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  • Thousands of pre-constructed, interactive, and truly useful web pages and forms that save you the trouble of time, money, and resources associated with your company doing it all themselves.
  • Large portfolio of ready-to-use dashboards
  • Hundreds of pre-constructed portlets that tie to live features, functions, data, and reports.
  • Thousands of standard attributes out of the box. No need for your company to make attributes up. Know you're using common and consistent industry attributes out of the box. Pick and choose only the attributes you care to use.
  • A familiar and simple to use Web-based User Interface. Have your staff functional in minutes. Most users can start to use the entire system productively with no more than 15 minutes of training.
  • Consistent look and feel across all process domains.
  • Hundreds of custom charts and graphs.
  • Detailed auditing of changes to meet your compliance and security needs.
  • Data cloning to make data entry simple and quick.
  • Embedded lifecycle states for all trackable entities.
  • A framework of predefined and categorized types to help make data entry and tracking simple and organized.
  • Search across all data in the system, regardless of its type using simple text based searches or use detailed, advanced search screens to find what you need.
  • Customizable data creation screens, editing screens, search, screens and much more. Choose only the attributes you want to see. Recall any view simply and quickly.
  • Customizable Queries that can be saved, recalled, kept private, or shared with ease.
  • Customizable data attribute views that can be saved, recalled, kept private or shared with ease.
  • Data Cloning features allow you to quickly take any data set in the system and use it as a template for other entries you need to create. Save yourself countless hours of work by simply cloning your work.
  • Custom reports that can be saved, recalled, kept private or shared with ease.
  • Ability to save and catalog your session data and profiles. Recall any session or any profile. Make them public or use them to get new users up and running in a snap.
  • Export your custom reports to Excel, CSV, XML, RTF and many more.
  • Textual and Graphical data relationship traversal with custom colorization for ease of use. Know what it means to have a real Configuration Management Database (CMDB) that maintains real relationships and roles between your most critical data entities. See complicated data visualization patters with simple to use features.
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