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The KnowIT Platform addresses two types of Service Catalogs:

  1. The traditional Service Catalog (a.k.a. Request Management Platform), which addresses ITIL Version 3.0, and
  2. The ITIL V2.0 Service Catalog that's used as an inventory to manage your list of live services to your clients/businesses, which addresses ITIL Version 2.0

Not only does the platform address both but it also cleanly merges the two concepts together. You can read about each of them, below...


The Traditional Service Catalog

The KnowIT Service Management platform is an elaborate solution for tracking and managing your enterprise's Services and all related Service Requests, as they pertain and relate to ongoing Tasks (Work), Resources, Products, Projects, and much more. Service Groups can easily create, publish, and manage critical Services to a web-based master Service Catalog that can easily be accessed for Service Requests by the rest of your enterprise.

The platform distinguishes itself from other commercial solutions by providing the following critical solutions:

  • Centralization of all operational information, eliminating the need for many systems and integration between them
  • Virtualization of all information, allowing world wide stakeholders to easily share information
  • Embedded collaboration solutions, that allow for world wide stakeholders to easily work together
  • Advanced technology solutions, that eliminate the need for expensive customizations, coding for report generation, etc.

With the KnowIT platform your organization will be able to:

  • Create, register, manage, and publish your Services through trackable entities, via a master Service Catalog, from anywhere in the world with a simple form-based, web UI
  • Have a truly global Service Catalog that is easily accessible and makes finding services a snap
  • Quickly identify redundant Services, within your enterprise, that can be consolidated and/or eliminated to allow for quick cost and productivity gains
  • Easily generate highly structured and manageable Service Requests that naturally tie themselves to your Projects, allowing the assignment of Requests to global Service Groups
  • Edit and manage your Services from any location, world-wide
  • Track changes to Services dependencies as easily as changes to any other entities
  • Have a world class ITIL Service Management solution that naturally embeds and handles your enterprise's Services in one place
  • Naturally associate Services to Tasks, Resources, Products, Projects, Organizations and more in such a way as to have complete transparency
  • Quickly clone existing data entities to create new ones, minimizing your data entry and modification efforts
  • Track and manage your information throughout your Organizations and Locations
  • Trace Tasks, Resources, Organizations, and much more back to your independent Services, within your master Service Catalog
  • Have a platform for global collaboration around Services, as they're identified
  • Search and find any entities or relationships associated with Services from a common interface using simple or elaborate solutions
  • Create elaborate reports directly within the KnowIT system
  • View visual correlations and multidimensional relationships between your entities, relationships, and other relevant data throughout your world-wide Organization, within our industry leading CMDB
  • Ensure that your Services are being managed as part of a larger, world-class Knowledge Management Solution
  • And much more!

The ITIL Service Catalog

In addition to the traditional Service Catalog requirements, which revolve around a need for publishing "action based" Services and the work associated with them, the KnowIT platform also addresses the needs of the ITIL Service Catalog, which focuses on Services that are wrapped around product offerings, such as dialtone expectations around Phone, Email, Messaging, etc. The platform addresses these requirements by also supplying a Product Catalog that allows your enterprise to inventory its entire product inventory, manage processes around it, and correlate them to action based Services and their Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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