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  • How do you properly store and effeciently categorize electronic records to ensure easy access when you need them?
  • How do you correlate electronic records to physical records and their storage?
  • How do you quickly index through what you need in order to find it when you need it and as quickly as possible?
  • How do you know when to properly dispose of records and how you're supposed to dispose fo them?
  • How do you track who created, modified, deleted and destroyed records?
  • How can you perform impact analysis, when creating, modifying, deleting or destroying records?
  • How do you ensure that your critical Records Management System is constantly being maintained and growing in a manner than constantly ensures that you and your enteprise are seamlessly linked to the most modern tools, technologies and services?


  • Traditional Records Management systems require you to install, maintain and upgrade them, yourself.
  • Traditional Records Management systems are slow and very expensive.
  • Traditional Records Management systems can't integrate to your other key operational tools that also contain key records of other forms.
  • Traditional Records Management systems have overly complicated workflow systems that weigh your enteprise down.
  • Traditional Records Management systems are a dying breed and a burden to your enterprise.


THE SOLUTION: The KnowIT Ready-To-Use Records Management Platform


  • Built-in electronic document sharing, storage, and publishing.
  • Built-in Electronic Library System (e-Library) with ready to use Ontologies and Taxonomies, based on industry standards.
  • Simple to use, yet very powerful, categorization features that leverage thousands of built-in Ontology and Taxonomy features.
  • Endless built-in meta-data features and tags that allow quick and powerful categorization of and access to thousands record types.
  • Built-in storage location descriptors.
  • Built-in records disposal meta-data, to ensure you know what to dispose of, who needs to do it, when, how, and why, along with full auditing features to track what work was done, by whom, when, where, how, and why.
  • Built-in Collaboration features that ensure global records sharing.
  • True Enterprise Search that yields highly categorized and relevant result sets, for quick access to records.
  • Powerful Search Forms that synthesize database queries, automatically, eliminating the need for IT staff to code SQL.
  • Elaborate Knowledge Management features, that allow data mining, reporting, charting, and much more.
  • Complies with all Web 2.0 requirements, with built in blogging, forums, etc.
  • Built-in Semantic Web concepts to manage relationships between data.
  • Hundreds of pre-populated tools and technologies that ensure all forms of Records are capable of being captured and managed.
  • Thousands of pre-constructed features that are ready to use.
  • Built in Business Intelligence and Reporting solutions, such as endless customizable Dashboards.
  • Ensure that all data from any one page is truly fully integrated to any and all other data in the system.


  • All your critical records at your fingertips.
  • Global Records Management Platform, ensuring global standardization.
  • One tool that gives you at-a-glance views into your entire global enterprise (see people, places, and things, as well as how they're all tied together).
  • Completely hosted solution (you no longer have to buy, build, or maintain related software and infrastructure).
  • Subscription based model ensures lower costs with complete financial transparency and a dynamic provisioning model that allows your enterprise to scale up or down, as it needs to.
  • Global data, knowledge, and information sharing and collaboration that ensures quick access to what you need when you need it and standardization for how your enterprise works.
  • Quicker and more accurate decision making.
  • Transactional integration ensures that data and information is fresh, whole, and true.
  • Stay up to date with modern tools, technologies, and paradigms by letting TraverseIT do the work for you.
  • TraverseIT acts as a connected extension to your enterprise, ensuring that your business is constantly growing and improving, without doing anything more than connecting to the KnowIT Platform.
  • Go back to focusing on your "Core" business problems, by letting TraverseIT focus on the "Chore" problems.
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