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In a global and modern environment where critical resources are no longer physically on site due to drivers as simple as Resources working from home to drivers as complex as outsourcing work to other countries, it is more critical than ever to centralize the knowledge that comes from the interaction of these Resources. However, the challenges brought upon us as a symptom of using software solutions that are dedicated to specific problem areas drives our knowledge out in multiple direction. Every time we work in a specific system, we put knowledge into it, knowledge that can't be shared with other people and other systems without expensive integration solutions and replication of information. A society of highly dedicated and specialized systems literally drives our enterprise to break itself into silos of people and the information associated with such point solutions. For example, if your enterprise works in a dedicated Project Management system, it has created a silo for communicating and collaborating around Projects. As a result, your enterprise will accumulate a great deal of information that that only has to do with its Projects and that can only be shared by Project Management stakeholders. The cost of owning and maintaining such dedicated solutions makes it virtually impossible to provision such systems to all stakeholders, world-wide. This means that other stakeholders who have no access to your Project Management systems cannot share in the collaboration of Projects or benefit from the information that is accumulating in such systems.


KnowIT Message Management for Enterprise Collaboration and Knowledge Management

With the KnowIT platform, your enterprise can now centralize communication and collaboration around critical entities, such as Projects, Products, Services, Resources, and much more. The platform provides your enterprise with a simple Message Management module that, like other modules in the system creates an inventory of messages that can be correlated to other items in the system. What this means is that you can create messages from anywhere in the system, correlating them to things that make sense, such as Products, Projects, Services, Tasks, Releases, Changes, and much more, yet you can easily find them from anywhere in the platform, including going right back to the Message Management module, where you can use advanced search to find what you need. As a result of implementing the KnowIT platform, your enterprise can now benefit in the following manner:

  • Provide your global enterprise with a centralized and virtualized collaboration platform that ensures Resources are efficiently connected to each other, regardless of their location, Projects, or Tasks
  • Centralize messages, eliminating the redundancy that comes with CC'ing everyone on email messages
  • Eliminate excessive storage footprints that come with replicating messages in multiple systems, such as email, Wiki's, dedicated Document Management systems and your Intranet
  • Quickly build a Knowledge Management repository of critical information that can be leveraged for eliminating unnecessary future work, quickly servicing clients, and facilitating future design and development efforts
  • Stop wasting valuable time, energy, and money trying to solve for ways to bring your enterprise together when the solution already exists

With the KnowIT platform, your enterprise can now jump ahead of the curve when it comes to global collaboration and Knowledge Management.

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