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TraverseIT, LLC is proud to be focused on the following market segments:

  • Executive Management
  • ITIL Service Delivery and Service Management
  • Customer Support
  • Development
  • Sales
  • Corporate Auditing and Regulatory Compliance

Executive Management Teams: Tired of spreadsheet reports or expensive reporting tools that require you to have in-house installations and expertise or pay outsourcing companies expensive fees to generate your limited reports? KnowIT has been designed and implemented with management in mind. Most products focus only on the stakeholders or groups that typically need a specific point solution (reference our IT Operations section for such point solutions). Can you simply go into your Incident Management/Help Desk system and see what your customer support staff is doing? Can you easily go into your development system and see what your development staff is doing? Can you easily find all of your projects in one place and see what's in trouble or what's successful? The bigger question... Can "you" or any relevant stakeholder in your company see it "all," across all systems, stakeholders, organizations and regions? Now you can!

ITIL Service Delivery and Service Management Teams: You'll find that other products being marketed to help you with ITIL are nothing more than traditional "brick-and-mortar" applications, built in antiquated technologies, that are re-branded to convince you that they can help you with your implementations of Service Delivery and/or Service Management. KnowIT, however, was specifically designed with ITIL in mind. It's so radically modern and different that when we first speak with prospects about the fact that we have ITIL-In-A-Box, their initial reaction is typically skeptical. After all, how can one company possibly provide a comprehensive and affordable solution for a problem domain that traditionally requires significant time, resources, and multiple millions of dollars in investments to solve for? Their second reaction, after seeing KnowIT in action, is typically regret for how much time, money, and energy they wasted on such legacy solutions. TraverseIT can't help you regain those lost millions and that lost part of your life but we can definitely help you avoid spending more of your money and time on solutions that typically will get you nowhere, fast! Let TraverseIT show you what world-class Service Delivery and Service Management really look like.

Customer Support Teams: Our KnowIT product is geared to provide an out-of-the-box, simple to use, high quality, and highly collaborative helpdesk solution that allows you to manage your existing customers in a way where you can attend to their smallest details while providing high-level or detailed Service Management metrics to your executive staff. See exactly what other organizations and stakeholders within your company are doing to address your customer issues. Know what Product Releases your bug fixes and new feature requests will be addressed in and who will be working on them. Watch live lifecycle data as changes are made to Products in order to fix bugs or add new features. Have a live, collaborative Knowledge Base/Knowledge Management System that can be accessed world-wide by all company stakeholders. Know what it means to have a truly world-class CRM system that ties directly to your Sales, Marketing, Research, Development, Support, and Management functions. If you're looking for an ITIL or MOF solution, you've come to the right place. Products, Assets, Changes, Incidents, Problems, Risks, and much, much, more, all integrated into one common system. See what a real CMDB should look like.

Development Teams: Everyone talks "lifecycle" these days. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Project Lifecycle Management (PLM), Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), System Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM)... There are so many "lifecycles" that the acronyms are now blurred. Which best practices do you follow? RUP? MSF? SDLC? AGILE? How do you find a solution that fits? Which system do you buy? It's usually more than one. Not anymore! KnowIT is a single system that "naturally" and simply integrates lifecycles and best practices for all of the above in one simple to use system. Know your Products, Assets, and Projects. See who's working on Tasks and Changes. See what Releases are in development, in test, in production or deprecated. Know who your stakeholders are and what their roles are. See how Incidents, Problems, Risks, and Requirements drive your Changes. Watch your development Changes move through their lifecycle, until they're closed in production. All the while, know that the data your managing is the same data being used by your Support and Sales teams. No stale data. No wasted time in getting information to your Sales and Support teams.

Sales Teams: Looking for a CRM solution that ties to the rest of your organization? One that allows you to interact directly with developers, marketing, support staff, and executive management? KnowIT is a fully interactive and integrated CRM solution that allows you to quickly track what you care about, find what your looking for, and generate quick and valid reports with data that isn't stale or fragmented, while interacting with relevant stakeholders, world-wide.

Corporate Auditing and Regulatory Compliance Teams: It's time to tie it all together. Once place where you can see everything related to your organization. A single portal into Product Lifecycles, Project Lifecycles, Licensing, Assets, Resources. A place where all modifications are tracked and auditable. A place where you can find all relevant documentation and content. A place where you can assign "Audit Flags" to Projects, People, Organizations, etc. and track them through their own lifecycle! Reduce your audit and compliance issues and enhance your company's quality by ensuring that everyone is following the same processes and procedures. It's time your organization stopped making it hard for you to find details related with your corporate audits. Find them yourself with the simplest of clicks!

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