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(a.k.a. Organizational Memory Information System "OMIS")


  • How do you implement a solid knowledge sharing solution that doesn't add the overhead of a new process to your environment?
  • How do you look like one global and cohesive enterprise?
  • How do you implement a collaboration solution that allows for global Knowledge Sharing?
  • How do you effectively capture, catalog, and store relevant information in such a way that facilitates finding and understanding it?
  • How do you effectively eliminate data & information redundancies in such a way to keep it all fresh, whole and true?
  • How do you quickly find what data & information you need, in the context you care about, for quicker decision making?
  • How do you build your Dashboard & Business Intelligence solutions to leverage your KM solutions, effectively and efficiently?
  • How do you properly implement knowledge communications channels that allow you to get the right information to the right people?
  • How do you ensure that your enterprise is leveraging and stays current with modern KM tools and technologies?
  • How do you do it all fast and cost effectively, so as not to waste your valuable time and resources?


  • Your critical knowledge and information is distributed across your enterprise... many people, systems, facilities, and even regions.
  • Loss of key people means loss of key knowledge.
  • Implementing a new Knowledge Management solution almost always means rolling out disruptive new processes and tools that raise Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and complicate your environment, even further.
  • Integrating all your critical information and codifying your knowledge is expensive and time consuming.
  • Most Knowledge Management frameworks are targeted at small areas of your enterprise and don't attempt to improve Knowledge across the board.
  • Creating and managing usable visualizations of data and information, that are context and role specific costs a fortune and wastes precious time and resources.
  • Its almost impossible to create solid ROIs for traditional KM frameworks and implementations, leaving your KM solutions ready to be cut in a down market.

THE SOLUTION = KnowIT Integrated Knowledge Management


  • Built-in information autocorrelation, allowing implicit information relationship building.
  • Manual information autocorrelation, allowing explicit information relationship building.
  • Elaborate built-in Social Networks, Organizational Networks, Project Networks, and much more.
  • Context-based categorization of data and information.
  • Built-in Electronic Library (e-Library) features, complete with advanced indexing cataloging for Records Management.
  • Built-in and ready to use Ontologies and Taxonomies
  • Thousands of pre-populated reference data sets, used to ensure multi-dimensional categorization of data and information.
  • Many built-in information visualizations, including mutlidimensional graphs, hierarchies, text reports, charts, graphs, and much more.
  • Standard look and feel for all content with many different views.
  • Built-in dynamic publishing features eliminate the need for HTML tools and static content deployment.
  • Built-in Electronic Library System (e-Library) with ready to use Ontologies and Taxonomies, based on industry standards.
  • Built-in Collaboration features that ensure global data sharing.
  • True Enterprise Search that yields highly categorized and relevant result sets.
  • Elaborate Knowledge Management features, built right in.
  • Complies with all Web 2.0 requirements, with built in blogging, forums, etc.
  • Built-in Semantic Web concepts to manage relationships between data.
  • Hundreds of pre-populated tools and technologies.
  • Thousands of pre-constructed features that are ready to use.
  • Built in Business Intelligence and Reporting solutions, such as endless customizable Dashboards.
  • Ensure that all data from any one page is truly fully integrated to any and all other data in the system.


  • One tool that integrates your operational areas and the knowledge within them, together.
  • Global data, knowledge, and information sharing and collaboration that ensures quick access to what you need when you need it and standardization for how your enterprise works.
  • One tool that gives you at-a-glance views into your entire global enterprise (see people, places, and things, as well as how they're all tied together).
  • Completely hosted solution (you no longer have to buy, build, or maintain related software and infrastructure).
  • Subscription based model ensures lower costs with complete financial transparency and a dynamic provisioning model that allows your enterprise to scale up or down, as it needs to.
  • Quicker and more accurate decision making.
  • Transactional integration ensures that data and information is fresh, whole, and true.
  • Stay up to date with modern tools, technologies, and paradigms by letting TraverseIT do the work for you.
  • TraverseIT acts as a connected extension to your enterprise, ensuring that your business is constantly growing and improving, without doing anything more than connecting to the KnowIT Platform.
  • Go back to focusing on your "Core" business problems, by letting TraverseIT focus on the "Chore" problems

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