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Your data is spread throughout your enterprise, sequestered in highly proprietary systems provided to you by vendors who preach integration and standards, yet, their systems never truly seem to talk to each other, let alone to those of other vendors. As you grow, you find that you keep buying point solutions that your IT staff advises you to be critical to their roles. In the end, you've spent anywhere from millions to tens of millions to own systems that hold all of your data hostage in silo-ed systems. What's worse, most of these systems have been constructed using legacy brick-and-mortar technologies that were never meant to scale in ways to allow you to tie your business together, globally. On top of this, the legacy systems that you've paid a fortune for don't know how to deal with your global enterprise.


You want to create a global collaborative enterprise and need to connect it together by tying your stakeholders, organizations, systems, and strategic information to each other, in such a way that you'll be able to improve customer satisfaction, quality, and time to market, while lowering your operating costs and increasing your revenue streams. You need to eliminate tool and data redundancies that drive your cost of ownership higher than is acceptable to your bottom line. You need to make strategic decisions that require your data all be in one common place, where everyone can see it, and you don't want to spend a fortune to bring this data together only to spend another fortune on creating analytical reports. On top of all this, you need to globalize your company to allow stakeholders from all regions of the world to collaborate in ways that will allow you to survive in a world where outsourcing of services is the wave of the future. You need to see all of your data and have it at your fingertips so that you can make decisions, on the fly, while you deal with customers, vendors, and prospects. You need to tie your Help Desk and Support platforms, along with your Corporate Portal, development and Project Management systems to your all of your other IT Operations systems so you can bring it all together. You need to do it fast and you need to do it in an affordable manner.


KnowIT is an out-of-the-box Collaboration Platform that will instantaneously tie your enterprise together. Its value comes from the data you put in it and the stakeholders that leverage it. The more information you create, the more powerful the system becomes. Since the data is all in one place, you can simply find the information you're looking for through a number of features that have been streamlined to make you and your stakeholders more efficient. As one stakeholder enters data in a specific operational area, other stakeholders have access to the same data, regardless of what operational area they, themselves, are working in. With KnowIT, you have a single, fully integrated, and highly transparent view of your organization. All your data is right at your fingertips, available through countless reports, graphs, and charts. The beauty is there is no coding, required. You simply install the product and start working. Let us handle the report writing and coding. After all, it's our job to do so, not yours. Let us free your resources, time, and money for you to focus them where they count most, directly on your revenue generating business!

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