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TraverseIT is seeking experienced Independent Sales Representatives (Independent Sales Consultants) and Manufacturer Representatives to successfully represent our product and our company to corporate executives and IT staff in the Northeastern US. We're looking for highly motivated and professional individuals who have experience with the entire sales cycle, everything from finding leads/prospects all the way through closing the deal. We're looking for highly motivated self starters who have experience ramping up small start-up companies. In exchange for this experience, TraverseIT is willing to offer very significant compensation, with the intent to make the relationship a win-win situation for all parties. We will also welcome solicitations from Outsourced Sales Organizations who provide like services through their own managed Internal Sales Representatives.

Our product's selling model: KnowIT is a fully hosted platform. The sales model is a per user, per seat, per year paradigm. What this means is that customers buy as little or as much as they need. It also allows customers to scale up or down, yearly, depending on their growth needs.

Qualifications & Experience: The appropriate candidate will bring the following to the relationship:

  • Must have multiple years of successfully selling enterprise software and/or services to high-level corporate and IT executives (CEOs/CIOs/COOs/CAOs/Chief Architects/etc.)
  • Must have own operating facility and equipment
  • Must be able to successfully develop prospects, leads and new sales opportunities
  • Must be experienced in closing mid-scale to large-scale deals
  • Must be able to develop and maintain strong End User relationships
  • Must be able to create and develop new partnerships
  • Must be able to sell highly advanced technical software product
  • Must be able to learn and apply industry standardization and best practice concepts to the selling of our software
  • Must have basic technology understanding and skills, such that use and explanation of our product will come naturally to him/her
  • Must have excellent communications skills (verbal, written, etc.)
  • Must be able to successfully understand and communicate product values and benefits
  • Must be internet and email savvy
  • Must be familiar with large scale industry concepts and solutions, such as ERP, CRM, Knowledge Management, CMDBs, etc.

Responsibilities: Qualified candidates will have the following responsibilities:

  • Represent TraverseIT is a positive and professional manner
  • Learn the product and the company to facilitate selling
  • Foster strong and successful relationships with customers
  • Meet and/or exceed revenue targets.
  • Work as an independent self-starter
  • Provide regular updates on activities, goals, etc.
  • Provide accurate representations of the product and the company
  • Develop and adhere to goals

Start Date: Note, TraverseIT will be ready to start selling in the April, 2006 timeframe. Qualified candidates who should be prepared to spend some up-front time learning the product and the company.

Sales Cycle: Typical Sales Cycle for our KnowIT platform is typically 30 - 90 days.

Region: Northeast United States. NY, NJ, PA, CT, DE, MD, MA

Location: TraverseIT is looking for established representatives that have the equipment and ability to work out of their own office(s). Expectations exist that some minor commuting to the main office will be required, especially during training period.

Compensation: Commission Only. 10% - 30% of all initial sales for transactions through quota, depending on the size of the deals, experience, and quality of contacts. 5% on all yearly renewals, subject to quota achievement.

Sales Quota: $600,000.00 for first year. Sales quota exists strictly for retention rights to "renewals." Prorated based on start date. Note, intended quota for Inside Sales Reps will be a minimum of $1.2M with a commission that is typically no more than 8%. Therefore, we feel these Commission Only numbers will be more than competitive.

Training: TraverseIT will provide product training and necessary sales and marketing literature. Qualified candidate will be required to learn the product and the company to facilitate successful sales.

Interested parties should contact:

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